Ice Marbles!

Stunning pictures featuring ice marbles of all colors.

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Californian Driftwood

On a cold day in autumn on a beach near Monterey, California. I wonder about the history of that tree.

The song "Driftwood" by Travis comes to my mind...

Pecha Kucha Cologne/Köln

I will speak at the next pecha kucha night in Cologne on 20 November 2014.

The topic will be my photographic documentation of Speakers' Corner.

More information at the organizer's website or facebook page.


Update 24 Nov 2014:

Ok, that went well. After my talk I was approached by organizers of pecha kucha nights in other cities. I was asked to do another six appearances :) The next will be this Friday in Düsseldorf.

More information at the organizer's website or facebook page.


Update 23 Dec 2014:

My talk from 20 Nov is now available online. I talk 6' 40" in German. Sound and pics are a few seconds off but that will not keep you from enjoying the talk. It only hurts my ego because I pride myself on my timing.


A Clever Heckler at Speakers' Corner

Hecklers are an important part of the dynamics at Speakers' Corner in London's Hyde Park. Some of them have been coming there almost every Sunday for decades. Often they do this just for what they consider fun, but sometimes they have a political agenda of their own.

Generally they try to interrupt and annoy the speakers by shouting obscenities or counter arguments from the middle of the crowd. This particular heckler had a much smarter approach: he was not standing in the crowd but right beside the speaker whom he was heckling. He did not shout at the speaker but rather told the audience how silly the speaker was. His comments became increasingly longer. So eventually he took over completely and the former speaker just stood there silently.

Smiles at Speakers' Corner

Apart from self esteemed stand-up comedians there are not many speakers at Speakers' Corner who are relaxed and like to put a smile on their listeners' faces. So this one was a welcome exception.

Shadowplay in Rome

A typical house in the centre of Rome. These thick wooden window shutters are very effective against the heat.

I saw this house before but I came back later that day when the light was right in order to take this picture.

I wanted the sun beams to be almost parallel to the fassade. That way the detail and structure of the house's rendering comes out nicely.

Our solar system at Speakers' Corner

I took this picture in 1993.

This guy explained how our solar system looks like and why it's obvious that the god built it who is being worshipped by Christians.

Do you know what tree this is?

I took this picture in Carmel, California in June 2000. 

I haven't been able to find out what kind of tree this is. Can you help me?

Update: Hooray, the internet helped. It's an eucalyptus tree!

A study in body language at Speakers' Corner

Pictures taken in 1998 at Speaker's Corner, Hyde Park, London, United Kingdom.

Foggy forest

This picture was taken very early in the morning. Maybe even before 10:00. Yes, sometimes I go to extremes in order to get the light I want.

A speaker in tweed

I took this picture at Speakers' Corner, London in 1997. Even back then tweed wasn't exactly fashionable. This guy could make it look stylish though. The weaving pattern is called herringbone by the way. No, I do not remember what he was talking about.

The oldest picture

This is by far the oldest picture on my website. I took it in 1990 close to the Cologne Cathedral. This guy could keep a posture for hours and had several imaginative costumes.

Back then my camera was a cheap remake of a Baby Rollei, made by Sawyers approximately in 1958. This camera used 127 film which was a rarity even in 1990.


Yosemite National Park

Ansel Adams developed in the 1930ies a technique that made pictures with strong contrast possible without creating boring areas that are just plain white or plain black. Even in the brightest and darkest parts of the image there are details visible. The most famous examples are the pictures he took in the Yosemite National Park in California.

In 1997 I tried my humble best to make use of this technique. Alas the negatives of my pictures have not even 2% of the area of Ansel Adams' 8" x 10" negatives. Also, I did not wait three weeks for the right light :-)

Click on the image to see 4 more pictures of Yosemite Park.

The youngest speaker

A very special moment at Speakers' Corner in London's Hyde Park in February 2002, though certainly not my best pictures.

This speaker was just 9 years old.

Never before or after have I seen that much sympathy and respect from the audience at Speaker's Corner. Many people actually sat down on the cold pavement so the speaker did not have to crane his neck in order to see his listeners' faces. And the crowd was huge! I was hardly able to take half decent pictures at all.

Click on the image to see more pics of the same speaker.

A new beginning

I started this website in 1996. Back then I built the pages by manual HTML-coding without knowing anything about HTML beyond the very basics. Alas the website looked exactly like that. Last year I finally decided to have my analogue negatives scanned by a professional. Before that I had very few of my analogue pictures in digital form and those scans were of poor quality.

Now I want to show the newly digitized pictures to the world and I took this opportunity to modernize the website as well.

I hope you like my work. I will appreciate your feedback very much.